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Fort Collins/Loveland 6.7% Unemployment

by Sharianne Daily

July 2012 Unemployment Figures

Loveland/Fort Collins - 6.7%

Colorado - 8.3%

United States - 8.3%

Median Price Fort Collins $240,050

by Sharianne Daily

In Fort Collins, year-over-year listings of single-family detached properties from June 2010 to June 2011 have decreased 8.9 percent from 1,595 to 1,425; in the Loveland/Berthoud area, listings have decreased 11.6 percent from 1,101 to 973; and the Greeley/ Evans area experienced a 20.4 percent decrease from 710 listings to 565.

In Greeley/Evans, the median sales price for a residential detached home increased from $137,000 in June 2010 to $139,000 in June 2011. However, median sales prices decreased 0.3 percent from $241,000 to $240,050 in Fort Collins and 6 percent from $234,000 to $220,000 in Loveland/Berthoud.

Jan 2011 Mortgage Rates 4.76% vs 5.03% in 2010

by Sharianne Daily

CHART: Rates Since 1971

Mortgage Rates still at Historic LOWS!  Thank you to Susie Kiesling with Premier Mortgage for this informative chart.

Fort Collins' real estate market top in Nation

by Sharianne Daily
Fort Collins' real estate
market ranked top in the

Coloradoan Staff Reports • December 30, 2010

Fort Collins' real estate market has been pegged as
one of the top 10 markets to thrive in the country in

The new list that ranks Fort Collins at No. 9 on the
top 10 real estate markets list for next year was
released by the online real estate search engine

Fort Collins is the only Colorado city to make the
list, topped by San Francisco. Texas takes the No. 2
and No. 5 positions with Austin and San Antonio

Trulia formulated its predictions of cities that will
break through toward recovery and thrive in 2011,
and Fort Collins made it onto the list based on its
home sale prices and low unemployment compared
to the national average.

The report ranked Fort Collins unemployment at 6.4
percent against the national average of 9 percent.

Fort Collins' median sales price, according to the
website, is $222,500, which is up 4.1 percent year-
over-year, but still low compared to other markets.

A highly educated population also weighed into the
rankings, as approximately 48 percent of Fort
Collins' population have at least a four year degree,
which dovetails with having CSU here. Tulia also
noted that 92 percent of Fort Collins' residents have
a high school diploma.

"We see three major elements as key indicators of
the markets that will thrive in 2011, and Fort Collins
has all three: positive projected job growth at a time
when the rest of the country may be negative,
positive projected net population growth when
former hot spots are hemorrhaging residents and
high affordability," said Tara-Nicholle Nelson,
Trulia’s consumer educator, in a prepared
statement. "Fort Collins even beats many of the other
spots on our list in that it’s also frequently ranked
as a 'best' place to live, not just an affordable one,
so it’s easy to see how it made it on our list of
markets that will do well next year."
Trulia's list of 10 real estate markets that will thrive
in 2011

1. San Francisco, Calif.
2. Austin, Texas
3. Madison, Wis.
4. Raleigh-Durham, NC
5. San Antonio, Texas
6. Oklahoma City, Okla.
7. Des Moines, Iowa
8. Salt Lake City, Utah
9. Fort Collins
10. Omaha, Neb.


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