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Strong Employment for Northern Colorado

by Sharianne Daily

Betsey Hale, Business Development Manager for the City of Loveland, forwarded this link to a very good video from the Colorado Division of Housing & Local Affairs.  It reviews overall job creation trends in Colorado, particularly in the service sector and construction.  It also shows Fort Collins/Loveland MSA has outperformed the state and other areas in job growth.  A reinforcement on the strength of our economy and strong selling point to primary employers.



Reverse Mortgages are popular

by Sharianne Daily

3 Reasons Why Reverse Mortgages Are Popular
Recent legislation and changes in the marketplace are increasing the use of reverse mortgages. Here are three factors that make reverse mortgages an improved retirement-planning tool.

1. Fees are lower. The government with support from lenders has revised how reverse mortgages are structured.

2. Loans are more flexible. New loans let borrowers take money as they need it instead of all at once.

3. Selling isn't always feasible. Reverse mortgages generally don’t pay as much as selling a house outright, but these days selling a house can be very difficult.

Source:, Alyssa Abkowitz (11/01/2010)

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2